Letterpress is the oldest form of printing. The first Western printing press and movable type was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid 1400s, and it quite literally spread the word until the mid 20th century, when modern technologies spurred by our ongoing quest for speed and efficiency effectively rendered it obsolete. Since then, the pool of letterpress equipment has been decimated, save for a handful of enthusiasts who have retrieved, revived (and occasionally re-built) the hefty gear needed to produce great contemporary letterpress.

Letterpress is a centuries old method of relief printing. The type and image is literally embedded into the paper, creating a wonderfully tactile three dimensional print. You can literally feel and see the image. Everyone who picks up a piece of letterpress work knows that there’s something special about it. Nothing can compare to the elegant look and feel of a letterpress invitation or business card.

Letterpress harks back to a time when thoughtfulness and quality really counted. These are values with which we approach every job, and hope that you enjoy the result!

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