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Letterpress meets digital printing

10 Feb

Here at Magpie we print a lot of wedding invitations, but we don’t often get to see how they are all assembled (if you’ve printed with us we’d love to see the final outcome). And although we are 100% letterpress we aren’t opposed to people mixing up digital with analogue, so we were doubly delighted when Gina Stevens, the designer of one of our favourite prints of 2013 sent through some follow up photos of the intriguing pocket design we printed, here is the process from print to post:

Mixing the ink…

The plate is made and ready to go!

The press at work.

Ready for the fold bar, then to trim.

The trimmed card, looking beautiful

How it all hung together, three digitally printed cards inside.

Names digitally printed on the flap.

In our beautiful Lettra envelopes, ready to post.


Splashing colour

26 Sep

A bit more on my favourite topics – paper and colour. There’s a definite wow factor having a little colour against standard black ink, it almostpops out at you like a 3D movie, surely you can see why I like to talk about this.

Jessica and Lance’s wedding stationery, designed by Gary Butcher, is a great example of this. Printing a pale minty green on our Lettra Pearl white stock, it’s a marriage made in heaven.

Another clever postcard print, spreading their minty theme across all elements in the most subtle and elegant way. Throughout the entire wedding stationery set the paper weight varied yet the paper stock and ink colours stayed consistent creating an attractive and uncomplicated set.


A plush finish

3 Jul

It’s been a little while since our last Magpie post. We’ve had a lot of urgent jobs and finally we have a moment to catch our breath! Recently we decided to try out a new heavier weight of Lettra paper, and now have in stock Lettra 700gsm Fluorescent White ‘kid’ finish.  It has pleasantly surprised us with it’s beautifully smooth and very firm finish and it’s ability to take a plush deep impression. Here are a couple designs that worked really well on this paper stock:

Jackie and Michael created a eye catching design, with their names in a flourishing font face that elegantly spills off the card. Running your hands across all this text, it feels as if the text has cut into the paper, it’s so deep.   The freshness of the  bright blue sitting against the fluorescent white of the paper is heavenly. It’s not just the beautifully uncomplicated design of this card that I love, it’s the feel.

Si Moore at Bayly & Moore designed these wonderful thank you postcards. And I know in theory, a thank you postcard is still a thank you card (which is personal) but there is this feeling of specialness that makes this particular thank you postcard extra-extra-personal.  It’s not only the handwritten text that gives it that personal touch. At Si and Soph’s wedding bonfire – I didn’t actually attend but heard all about it–they had a huge 7ft ‘everything here is wonderful’ banner hanging between two trees (design was inspired by Best Made Co., and to me this has a very Portland/Nashville feel, I can just imagine devouring many s’mores over that bonfire…) So ‘everything here is wonderful’ became their motif and in turn came to represent everything about the occasion for them – no wonder this oozes the feel of a red-letter day! Don’t you think that deep red ink against the stark white just makes the wonderful the wonderful-est?

I have to note that double sided prints can be a little tricky with letterpress, especially when a deep press is required.  When the print placement is back-to-back it really highlights the physical nature of the pressing process and can pop out the previous side’s deboss making it a very uneven looking print. But with this very plush paper stock we are able to achieve printing both sides without compromising the impression on either side.

Beyond Cool, Nautical Themed.

27 Mar

One more summery post, as we begin to see/feel the not so bright hues of Autumn approach. -(although who doesn’t love a pile of crunchy leaves and good sweater/scarf combo – am i right?)




Brett and Clare’s wedding invitation and thank you notes are: fresh, cool, inspired and cool cool cool cool! Too much love for this nautical-themed invite. The couple chose a super clean sommerset 330 stock to help off set the gorgeous navy blue and aqua. (Two plates used)

It’s all in the finer details -  the scalloped border, anchors, and sail boat (the cutest one i’ve seen in a while) makes this design perfect for letter press. The text also feels amazing pressed into the subtly textured paper. I am positive this Yacht club wedding had a beautiful turnout – from the invitation alone it looks like it would have been a boat-full of fun times. (terrible joke..)


Happy Easter to all of our delightful readers! Stay safe and eat a lot.


Is summer finally coming to an end?

19 Mar

Is summer finally coming to an end?

Here at Magpie Press we are in love with the summer months – and the inspiration it lends to the work we press.  In celebration of the great weather and in anticipation of the colder months ahead – we wanted to share with you a most exquisitely French styled wedding invitation. James and Antoinette chose a clean an elegant layout and design, with Jonathan at -

The beautiful invitation chosen by James and Antoinette for their wedding in Gironde, France.

The couple chose to use a subtly textured bright white somerset 500gsm stock in a size USA6. Their choice of paper, image and text worked so well with our letterpress and created a clean, elegant representation of the couple and their special day. A dreamy invite to a dream wedding.

Hope you all can have some time off during the Easter break to enjoy the last of the warm summer days.

Happy Tuesday!



Special mentions

2 Sep

It’s coming into wedding season and spring is in the air – we love this time of year! And we love special mentions – the Herald’s Wednesday lifestyle magazine, Viva, have recently published a guide to wedding planning “How to plan a wedding” beautifully collated and written by wedding planner Erin Lovich. Mentioned in the piece, is this invitation set designed by Kate Slavin at Cotton Wood Studios and printed by us at Magpie Press!

Annaliesa Folder

Annaliesa Folder

Annaliesa invitation

Annaliesa invitation

Another mention was made on Style Me Pretty (an online wedding inspiration magazine) which details, with plenty of photographs, the wedding planned by Erin Lovich for Annaliesa and Matias – a beautiful white wedding.  In case you’re wondering, the invitations are an elegant 160mm x 160mm, printed on the gorgeous 535gsm paper, with matching pointed flap envelopes.

Invitations in envelopes

2 Apr

Finally back here again, it’s been a little while. Hope you all have been enjoying this rainy season. We’ve been so busy working away that time has just flown by!

I feel pretty darn lucky (doing the packing here) as I always get to have a good look at the wonderful designs that come through Magpie Press. I’ve noticed one way to make your wedding invitations really jump out amongst the crowd is through designing a wedding invitation set that carries a theme or a reoccurring motif throughout. We have seen a lot of these over the past season and they really do ooze specialness. AND just to top it off, at Magpie Press, we stock the loveliest 100% cotton envelopes that are designed to fit various standard printing sizes. We can even print on them, keeping to the theme!

Birds invitation

Birds thank you

chairs invitation

chairs thank you

I hope everyone gets to have a break over easter!


New work for the new year

7 Feb

I have been privileged with the task of being a guest blogger. Hi, my name is Sarah. How are you? We have been extremely busy here at Magpie Press (despite and hence the lack of blog posts!) From business cards to wedding invitations, from blind prints to duplex – you name it! Here is a little taste of what we’ve been up to…

new Kris

Here is a black/white duplex card for Kris at Klim Type Foundry


A lovely love note tag…

077 copy

And a good blind deboss…

Hope everyone had as wonderful a start to the new year as we have!


Victorian Beauty

2 Oct

In a gorgeous meeting of the traditional Victorian aesthetic and contemporary letterpress, this four-card set was designed by Sam Judson as part of his wedding suite.  You can see more of his work here >> He visited while the project was on the press, and some of the ‘work-in-progress’ shots are shown below.


An Apple a Day..

26 Jan

We loved printing this invitation and information card set – the apple just pops right off the page.  It’s on Somerset 330gsm (designed to fit our Crane Lettra 140mm x 140mm envelopes).