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Luckless letterpress

23 May


We’ve had the most amazing time producing the cover for the fabulous new album from Luckless. It was an excitingly rewarding project for us to tackle as it had quite a process (a two colour print and duplex, so there was a lot of gluing involved!) Check out the ‘making of’ clip at the end of this post thanks to Northwest Digital (who also supplied the photos for this post) – with a gorgeous Luckless soundtrack, of course!




Aimee Carruthers from Paper Cut Designs was behind the beautiful moth illustration and design of the CD cover which came out with an almost 3D look with the overlay of the black and silver ink. Aimee gives Idealog an insight on her creative process on this project here.

The Luckless album release is this Thursday (24th May) at Wine Cellar – doors open from 8pm. We’ll be there! But in the meantime, here’s a video they made documenting the process:

Split Fountain a-rama..

22 Feb

Just before Christmas the great team at DesignWorks in Auckland came over to visit the studio.  Their Christmas Project was a series of 12 postcards, printed using a ‘split-fountain’.  Basically two inks are run for each card, which gradually merge through the print run.  As the trusty Heidelberg has oscillating rollers, you can imagine how quickly you have to work to take full advantage of the split, before it becomes a third colour!  Here’s a sample of the results.  Definitely one of the most fun jobs ever!



8 Nov

Walter Hansen has been busy and we recently printed this fab Kaimoana print to compliment the very popular ‘Chirp’ print produced earlier this year.  Typographical work is brilliantly suited to letterpress, and we were especially pleased to see the work of New Zealand based typographic designer Joseph Churchward given a good workout in these pieces.  Check out Walter’s website for more information on the series to date>>


If you were a Mountain..

27 Oct

… and you wanted to know where you came from – check this out!  We printed this charming series of cards (115mm x 75mm each) and envelope for Piha-based illustrator extraordinaire, Beck Wheeler.  I urge you to go along to High Seas Gallery to check out this series, and her incredibly vibrant exhibition.  The letterpress series sets (awesome nursery gifts!) are for sale there, or direct from Beck’s website here>


Look out, magpies!

21 Aug

Talented Walter Hansen (he of the Chirp limited edition print) submitted a second print recently, entitled Magpie Maulers. Very cheeky indeed, and I have to confess that it did momentarily floor me..  however, we parked our ego and got on with the tricky business of printing this tight registration print.  It’s on Saunders Waterford 600gsm fine art paper, and a must for anyone with a bird thing going on.  You can check it out at Walter’s website >>


Miracle & Wonder

5 Aug

Miracle & Wonder

Thought I’d like to share this wonderful limited edition print with you.  It just fills my heart, and certainly reminds me that there is plenty to be thankful for.  Designed by Miss Ellie May, you can head over to her fabulous esty store here if you would like this gorgeous piece of letterpress love for yourself!  Frame it and hang it where you’ll see it every day.  It’ll make you smile..