Magpie Press prides itself on producing beautifully printed letterpress printing with heart. The cornerstone of our printshop is a weighty Heidelberg Windmill Press, which faithfully whooshes its way through printing, perforating and die-cutting for us.

The craft of letterpress lends itself to a little whimsy, and it constantly astounds us that such a big, noisy machine produces gloriously elegant, long-lasting pieces.

Most of the process is done by hand and is time consuming – from making the photo-polymer plates for printing, mixing your ink (using an old-fashioned weighing scale), to inking, printing and cleaning the press.

We’re based in Auckland, but able to work with clients anywhere. We work hard to produce work you’ll love for important moments in your life.

A note on Artisan Printing: Letterpress is an intrinsically artisan process – every print is unique, and you may notice subtle changes in inking, colour and impression through the print run. This is a natural part of the process and is one of the things that makes letterpress so loved.


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